Application Development | STS
Are you looking for experts and professionals who can deliver or work with you to jointly build the high performance, secure and cost-efficient applications?

We, at Sain Technology Solutions, use our industry knowledge, service expertise and latest technologies to develop you a high performance, secure and cost-efficient applications to ensure that you get best return on your IT investments.

We offer our clients two models of application development services -

  • Full life-cycle application development
  • Co-operative development

In first services model, We deliver you the completed application by taking full responsibility of the complete software development cycle usually consisting of initial planning, requirements analysis, design & initial development, coding, testing, release and support & maintenance.

In second services mode, we work with your IT personnel to jointly analyze, design, develop, test, release and maintain new applications.

Our experts analyze your business operation requirements and adopt the latest and appropriate software development methodologies such as -

  • Agile Development - We use this methodology when the requirements are likely to change at later stage and/or the clients choose to see the application developing in small releases rather than complete application in one go.
  • Test Driven Development - In this methodology, the application testing code is written before the application development code, to ensure that each and every functionality of application is tested. We try to follow this in all our projects, as it plays an important role in delivering quality software.
  • Iterative and Incremental Development - Under this, the development is done through repeated cycles (iterative) and in smaller portions at a time (incremental), allowing software developers to take advantage of what was learned during development and usages of earlier parts or versions of the system.
  • Waterfall Development - This is the traditional software development methodologies and is followed when the requirements are pretty clear and stable.
  • and many more....