Website Designing | STS
Do you need an innovative, impressive, elegant, secure and high performance website for your business which could increase/generate revenue?

Web Design is one of the most important reflections of your company. It is the first impression that an online prospect will have of your company or brand. It is also what sets you aside from your competitor's.

We use our domain expertise, market knowledge and technical skills to design you a website which runs properly across all the browsers and devices, and makes your business stand out from the crowd.

Moreover, if you are starting your business and worried about the hosting expenses of your website before it starts generating good revenue, we can help you by hosting your website for free. Please check out our FREE WEB HOSTING page for more details.

While designing a website, we take following design principles into account to ensure that your website has got impressive looks to attract new visitors and improved user experience resulting into users spending more time on your website, and thereby providing you more business opportunities -

  • Intuitive Navigation and Site Architecture - Making the web page as much obvious and self-explanatory as possible so that users can easily navigate through your website and don't need to think to find what they came here for.
  • Minimum / Reasonable User Requirements - We try to reduce user requirements as much as possible and never make them enter big forms unless it is really needed and that too in simple and small steps to make sure that we don't squander user's patience.
  • Effective User's Attention Focus Management - Keeping in mind that web-users can instantly recognize, edges, patterns and motions, we use images, bullet points, bold/italic sentences and bigger font words to attract the user attention's to your key offerings to increase the chances of you getting business from their visits.
  • Feature Exposure - We are always striving to expose the main features of website using the sliders, visual effects, animation etc to make our user interface design successful.
  • Effective Writing - We, in our designed websites, tend to use short and concise phrases in plain and objective language to come to the point as quickly as possible rather than clever, marketing-induced and unfamiliar technical names.
  • Effective Communication using Visual Language - We make our websites consistent and try to use all conventions and rules for all the elements. Additionally, we keep our user interface in balance legibility, readability, typography, symbolism and color or texture in order to communicate successfully.